Flange Block Bearings

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There are several flange bearing types depending on the combination of housing style and bearing type. The housing style derives from the bolt pattern, which typically come in 2-bolt, 3-bolt, or 4-bolt housings.

Similar to pillow bearings, flange bearings can include a number of different types of insert bearings. Roller bearings – which can include tapered, spherical, or cylindrical – utilize rollers within the inner and outer rings. Needle roller bearings are similar to cylindrical roller bearings except are much smaller, and plain bearings (also referred to as bushings) utilize a sliding action rather than a rolling action.

Lastly, perhaps the most widely known type of bearing is the ball bearing, which consists of several balls held in place by a cage within the inner and outer rings.Flange bearings come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate the wide range of applications and loads they are used for. The diameter of the mounted shaft determines the bore diameter of the appropriate flange bearing.

The radial loads and thrust loads put upon the bearing determines the capacity needed from a flange bearing. In some cases, a standard flange bearing will suffice whereas under larger loads a more heavy-duty bearing may be required.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
DODGE F4B-SD-303 Flange Block Bearings 6 698 Flange Type Double
DODGE F4S-IP-300RE Flange Block Bearings 10 mm 15.93 61 N/µm 50.5 mm
DODGE F4B-SD-300 Flange Block Bearings Available 10 Bearings with Housin Stainless Steel
DODGE F4S-IP-212RE Flange Block Bearings 100 °C 34 mm 100 mm 29.2 kN
DODGE F4B-SD-212 Flange Block Bearings -40 °C 74.5 mm 22 mm 171 mm
DODGE F4S-IP-211RE Flange Block Bearings 18 mm PE203N- 19 mm 38 mm
DODGE F4B-SD-200 Flange Block Bearings 100 °C 43.5 mm 17 mm 8 mm
DODGE F4S-IP-208RE Flange Block Bearings No Surface Treatment Metric (Fine) Thread Round Shape 6 Days
DODGE F4B-SD-211 Flange Block Bearings 15.9 mm 28.58 mm 39.7 mm M6x1
DODGE F4B-SD-206 Flange Block Bearings Cast Iron Take-Up Type Bearing Steel Standard Grease
DODGE F4B-SD-208 Flange Block Bearings No J7 61900 No
DODGE F4S-IP-207RE Flange Block Bearings ZZ (Double Shield) Clear Anodize Steel Available