Thrust Ball Bearing

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A thrust bearing is a particular type of rotary bearing. Like other bearings they permit rotation between parts, but they are designed to support a predominantly axial load.
Thrust ball bearings, composed of bearing balls supported in a ring, can be used in low thrust applications where there is little axial load.
Cylindrical thrust roller bearings consist of small cylindrical rollers arranged flat with their axes pointing to the axis of the bearing. They give very good carrying capacity and are cheap, but tend to wear due to the differences in radial speed and friction which is higher than with ball bearings.
Tapered roller thrust bearings consist of small tapered rollers arranged so that their axes all converge at a point on the axis of the bearing. The length of the roller and the diameter of the wide and the narrow ends and the angle of rollers need to be carefully calculated to provide the correct taper so that each end of the roller rolls smoothly on the bearing face without skidding. These are the type most commonly used in automotive applications (to support the wheels of a motor car for example), where they are used in pairs to accommodate axial thrust in either direction, as well as radial loads. They can support greater thrust loads than the ball type due to the larger contact area, but are more expensive to manufacture.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
NSK lw35 Bearing METRIC 3.050 mm 506000 N 36000 lbf
55 mm x 115 mm x 15 mm FAG 52313 Thrust Ball Bearing 0.76 9300 0.76 2.9375 in
50 mm x 110 mm x 15 mm FAG 52312 Thrust Ball Bearing 300ARXS1845B 20º 332RXS1846 300 mm
45 mm x 105 mm x 15 mm FAG 52311 Thrust Ball Bearing 3180 lbf 13900 lbf 1.3750 in 14000
40 mm x 95 mm x 14 mm FAG 52310 Thrust Ball Bearing 80 mm 242 mm 51931 lbf This product line wa
NSK 30TAG001A Thrust Ball Bearing Medium Series Split Cylindrical Ex MSM155BX High Temperature Pac
NSK 30TAG001 Thrust Ball Bearing 3.4 in 21.5 in 8588 lbf 8.0 in
FAG 53200 Thrust Ball Bearing 15 º 1.0 mm METRIC 10.318750 mm
FAG 52244-MP Thrust Ball Bearing 8.0 in 1320 rpm Medium Series 2.0 in
FAG 51184-MP Thrust Ball Bearing 1.095 in 3.345 in Open 4
FAG 51209 Thrust Ball Bearing 131.000 mm 48800 N 1.0 mm STEEL
FAG 51338-MP Thrust Ball Bearing 3.33 in 0.04 in 1.00 in 1400 rpm